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Hydrogen, sustainability, students and innovation


Sustainability, team work and education


Hogeschool van Amsterdam, location Leeuwenburg

Hydrogen vehicle H2A

Hydrogen vehicle H2A from the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam participates in the Shell Eco-marathon Europe on a yearly basis. The Shell Eco-marathon Europe is one of world’s most challenging student competitions in terms of innovation, technique and sustainability. Organizer Shell challenges the students to build vehicles that drive as fuel efficient as possible.

Yearly nearly 3000 students, divided over 200 teams from 24 European countries, participate in the Shell Eco-marathon Europe. Since the 27th edition in 2012 the event is hosted around Ahoy, Rotterdam. Next to the European race there are also an American and Asian version of the race.

Since 2011 the H2A participates in the Prototype hydrogen class. In 2012 the team made their first steps to success with a sixth place and a presentation to Queen Maxima. During the 2013 and 2014 competition the H2A was crowned European Champion and set a Dutch record for sustainability.

Each year the team H2A is redefined with ambitious students from the second and third year of the studies E-Technology, Engineering, Design & Innovation, Technical Informatics, Aerodynamics, Communication, Sportsmarketing and Technical Business Management. Together they develop and implement new innovations to participate in the top.

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