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Amsterdam Nieuw-West

Change by Us in Amsterdam

Change by Us is a new platform in Amsterdam. The platform started in New York and is known by the name of Change by Us NYC. It allows innovative partnership in the city between citizens, city leaders, welfare organizations, housing corporations and government.

The 'Idee voor je buurt' website will be tested until the end of 2014 in Amsterdam Slotermeer in cooperation with the Municipality of Amsterdam, Waag Society, Eigenwijks, Code for Europe and Amsterdam Smart City.

When ideas are made visible it becomes very clear for everyone what kind of things are going on in the neighbourhood. Anyone is welcome to join in to help convert an idea into a feasible project. This way residents, businesses, government and welfare organizations work together on a finer neighborhood and a liveable city.

Anyone with a good idea can easily place this via the In four steps you can turn your idea into a stand-alone project.

  1. It starts with an idea - you can submit your idea directly via
  2. An idea is just the beginning -'Idee voor je buurt' helps to turn your idea into a feasible project.
  3. ‘Idee voor je buurt' gives the support you need - It helps you built partnerships, so your idea becomes feasible.
  4. Personnel and equipment - 'Idee voor je buurt' makes your project work by helping you with personnel and the necessary equipment.

The ‘Idee voor je buurt’ platform will be tested until the end of 2014 in Amsterdam 'Nieuw-West'. In the meantime the website will undergo several tests to be further developed and local organizations are investigating what this new platform actually means for their daily process.

If the pilot is successful, it will be rolled out in 2015 in Amsterdam. The ambition is to build a platform where residents, professionals and government officials can share their ideas and realize projects.

Katalin Gallyas of the Municipality of Amsterdam about the initiative: "Amsterdam is a leader in exploring this category of apps and is affiliated with several European collaborations and initiatives. This makes it possible to share technological infrastructures (eg smart open source apps) and at the same profit from its benefits. For cities with limited resources, this is a different way of thinking about digital services for citizens. We do not need to develop new digital public services (mobile and web based apps) on our own from scratch''. is tested until the end of 2014 in Amsterdam slotermeer in cooperation with the municipality of Amsterdam, Waag Society, Eigenwijks, Code for Europe and Amsterdam Smart City.

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