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Amsterdam, Hoekenrodeplein

Smart Light

Initial trials of smart street lighting will take place in the vicinity of the Amsterdam ArenA. The trial is focused on various aspects of smart lampposts in public spaces. The lighting can be adjusted for a range of situations via remote operation or sensors, helping to improve security and save energy. For example, lighting can be dimmed or adjusted according to the weather, and coloured lighting can control the flow of traffic and pedestrians. Movement sensors can also be used to register if the lighting needs to be brighter. Saved energy can then be used for other functions, such as powering the Wi-Fi network or measuring air quality.

The trial is part of the Smart Lights in Metropolitan Areas project.In October 2012, former Amsterdam Alderperson Carolien Gehrels signed an agreement with her counterparts in Rotterdam and Eindhoven outlining the goals of the project.

Subsequent to the trial in the vicinity of the Amsterdam ArenA, it will be extended to the Amsterdamse Poort shopping centre and a nearby residential area.  

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