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Amsterdam Zuidoost

Solar Gambling

A notable amount of houses in Amsterdam Zuidoost have roofs suitable for the installation of solar panels. Solar Gambling is an installation designed to raise awareness of this fact. It introduces solar energy to a wide audience and explicitly highlights the power of solar energy. The mobile installation can be used at a range of locations.

Solar Gambling is being developed in collaboration with students of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. In addition to building the actual mobile installation, students will develop an application that allows people to predict how much solar energy is being produced. Students will also work together with local shops to arrange prizes for accurate predictions. Raising awareness for product development, collaboration and the generation of sustainable energy are all key elements of this project.

The educational module will be introduced at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in September 2014. Students will develop the concept and produce a prototype. During this process, there will be a strong emphasis on collaborating with shops in Zuidoost and seeking out parties to manage the installation in the future. 

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