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Amsterdam Zuidoost

Smart Living Showroom

A wide range of products are constantly being developed to help us live ‘smarter’. In order to help consumers understand how these products work, IKEA in Amsterdam Zuidoost is working on a concept for a demonstration house. This house will be packed with smart products developed by IKEA, and potentially by other parties such as Liander and Waternet. These smart products are primarily focused on the fields of water, energy and waste.

The demonstration house will introduce the smart products to the approximate 3,000,000 people who visit IKEA every year. The products can be viewed in their actual physical setting and background information will be available in various forms (potentially also digitally). As such, this project unites products, information and lifestyle.

Steps have already been taken to initiate the collaboration between IKEA, Liander and Waternet; the involved parties will sign a collaboration agreement at the end of the concept phase. The realisation phase will subsequently begin. The project will see further development in autumn 2014. 

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