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City-zen – Sustainable District Heating

The Sustainable District Heating project is one of a number of initiatives that will be launched in Amsterdam as part of City-zen.

Investment in district heating includes the optimisation of the Waste and Energy Power Station and the installation of cutting-edge daylight collectors as a new source of heat. The major advantage of these collectors is that they can even gather energy on a dreary Dutch autumn day. Practical research will also be conducted into how existing low-rise blocks of flats could be connected to the district heating network.

Waternet plans to reuse heat produced in sewers to heat buildings via a so-called waste heat recovery system. Such a system helps to reduce the depletion of fossil fuel resources. Heat from the sewer can be used to supplement the heat requirements of an existing geothermal heat system, using the system’s existing pump.

Waternet has indicated several suitable locations in Amsterdam: locations with a suitable primary sewer (ideally a sewer eligible for renovation) which are located in the close vicinity of an existing or planned geothermal heat system with heat requirements. The definitive location will be selected in the near future.

The Sustainable District Heating project is part of the European City-zen initiative, which is designed to demonstrate innovations related to smart grids, district heating networks and improving the sustainability of houses. The project is focused on ordinary city districts such as Nieuw-West in Amsterdam and EcoCité in Grenoble. Residents of – and visitors to – the two districts play a key role in the solutions. This innovative approach dovetails with the ambitions of Amsterdam Smart City and Grenoble EcoCité, two of Europe’s largest Smart Energy testing grounds.

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