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Amsterdam Nieuw-West

City-zen - Test Living Lab

Focused on testing a range of innovative products, the Test Living Lab is one of a number of projects that will be launched as part of City-zen.

A variety of innovations will be displayed and tested in an ordinary house in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. Such innovations include: a hybrid heat pump that uses gas as well as sustainable energy, a virtual power plant that allows city residents to trade energy and an electric car that can load and unload itself. Experiments into how to encourage people to make ‘green’ choices can also be conducted in the Test Living Lab, such as the use of energy displays. Preparations for the Test Living Lab are currently underway.

The Test Living Lab is part of the European City-zen initiative, which is designed to demonstrate innovations related to smart grids, district heating networks and improving the sustainability of houses. The project is focused on ordinary city districts such as Nieuw-West in Amsterdam and EcoCité in Grenoble. Residents of – and visitors to – the two districts play a key role in the solutions. This innovative approach dovetails with the ambitions of Amsterdam Smart City and Grenoble EcoCité, two of Europe’s largest Smart Energy testing grounds.

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