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City-zen - Energiebesparing voor bewoners

The Energy Saving for Residents project is one of a number of initiatives that will be launched in Amsterdam as part of City-zen.

During renovations to houses in Nieuw-West, attention will be focused on the residents themselves. The project will see close collaboration with residents to explore how energy saving measures can be introduced in their homes. A driving principle of the project is that the process is as agreeable as possible for residents and that the introduction of such measures causes the minimum of inconvenience. Residents will also be consulted with regard to the extent to which they are willing to invest in energy saving measures for their homes. After all, they ultimately benefit from the lower energy bills. Between 700 and 900 houses in Amsterdam Nieuw-West will be renovated during this project.  

The project to involve residents in exploring energy saving measures is part of the European City-zen initiative, which is designed to demonstrate innovations related to smart grids, district heating networks and improving the sustainability of houses. The project is focused on ordinary city districts such as Nieuw-West in Amsterdam and EcoCité in Grenoble. Residents of – and visitors to – the two districts play a key role in the solutions. This innovative approach dovetails with the ambitions of Amsterdam Smart City and Grenoble EcoCité, two of Europe’s largest Smart Energy testing grounds.

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