Smart Areas


Area transformation / Community approach / Living Lab


Collaboration / development of Buiksloterham / community approach / sustainability




Buiksloterham, a former industrial estate in Amsterdam Noord, is in need of transformation. Located just a short distance from Amsterdam Central Station, this large, empty area is ripe with redevelopment opportunities. The project involves the redevelopment of 100 hectares, featuring a range of different new uses and possibilities. The driving ambition of the project is to ensure that the area becomes as sustainable as possible. The participation of current and future Buiksloterham residents as well as visitors to the area is a fundamental aspect of the project.

The area is ideal for trialling pilot schemes using new techniques and systems, while it also provides the perfect opportunity to test new processes from the outset. By approaching the project with the considerations of water, energy, waste and food in mind, Buiksloterham will be able to function as a Living Lab, facilitating trials of smart urban solutions.

Connecting local initiatives, people living in the area and public and private parties will enable the creation of a cohesive programme.As such, Amsterdam Smart City organised an event in July 2014 to unite interested parties and local initiatives. The event featured a joint brainstorming session about the future of Buiksloterham which ultimately led to the development of concrete ideas, supported by the various parties.

By the end of 2014, a plan for the redevelopment of Buiksloterham needs to be finalised and the ambitions need to be clearly defined. The initial ambitions for each element of the project will be subject to constant fine-tuning. After all, the redevelopment of the area will be a step-by-step process lasting several years.