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Amsterdam ArenA

As part of their drive to become one of the most innovative stadiums in the world, on 14 March 2014 the Amsterdam ArenA signed an innovation deal together with the City of Amsterdam. A joint strategy will be developed in the initial months. This strategy will focus on concerns including smart ICT solutions for crowd management, developing energy grids and improving connectivity and resources for visitors to the ArenA and surrounding area, through the use of tablets and smartphones in the stadium. This is the first time that the City of Amsterdam has signed an innovation deal with a company based in Amsterdam.

Innovation and sustainability are vital to the economic growth and prosperity of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. The innovation deal contains agreements between the City of Amsterdam and the stadium designed to stimulate modernisation in and around the Amsterdam ArenA. Measures include smart technological applications for using tablets and smartphones in the stadium and new methods for effectively controlling the movement of large crowds in the area. The ArenA is also keen to develop into a testing ground where companies can trial new innovations – the Living Lab. Innovations that are introduced in the Amsterdam ArenA will be promoted by the ArenA and its domestic and international partners with the aim of also introducing them in other stadiums and/or sports and recreation areas. 

The deal, which is a joint initiative of the Amsterdam Economic Board, Amsterdam Smart City, the City of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam ArenA, includes agreements outlining collaboration between the involved parties to develop the desired innovations. A permanent team will also be appointed and charged with concretising all potential innovations in a long-term innovation programme. The innovation deal is focused specifically on modernisation and improvement in the following areas: 

1. Mobility and accessibility
2. The experience offered to visitors to the Amsterdam ArenA area
3. Energy and sustainability
4. Entertainment and relaxation
5. Safety and security

CEO of the Amsterdam ArenA Henk Markerink has commented on the importance of the ArenA collaborating with partners to realise innovations, instead of going it alone. As such, the innovation deal sees the Amsterdam ArenA work closely together with other companies, knowledge institutions, the municipal authorities, residents and visitors.

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