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charging system in combination with smart meters


Smarter electricity grid / Cheaper and easier battery charging / Reduce air pollution and CO2


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Moet je Watt - Charging system

The Moet Je Watt is a smart electrical battery charging system for electrical cars that communicates with a smart meter in the meter box to prevent power wastage and overcharging. The purpose of this project is to test the combination.

It is very easy to overcharge electrical cars at home and at work. The Moet Je Watt (MJW) is a smart battery charging station that prevents this from happening. To do so, the MJW communicates with the meter box, so that the car's battery-charging process is attuned to the maximum capacity of the electrical connection.

The project entails testing the MJW in combination with the smart meters that are being used at home and in the office. The project will test the optimal integration of the MJW and the smart meter. The idea is to start with the rollout of the smart meters that are currently being organised by a number of electricity grid managers. A further objective of the project is to study the opportunities available for smart battery charging for several vehicles at a single office location. The purpose of the project is to find a battery charging solution (attuned to smart meters) for consumers and companies.

If the project reveals that smart battery charging (in combination with smart meters) is effective, it could ultimately yield enormous cost savings for consumers that want to drive electrical cars and the electrical grid managers that would have to facilitate this burgeoning trend.