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Nieuw-West, Amsterdam


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In the City-zen project several innovative solutions are demonstrated in the field of smart grid, heat networks and sustainable housing.And this does not happen on a test location, but in very ordinary urban districts such as Nieuw-West in Amsterdam and Eco-Cité in Grenoble. Technologies and concepts prove their value in real life, which makes scaling up and replicating possible in the rest of the city and in other European cities. Amsterdam and Grenoble are the model cities.

The residents and users of the two districts have a central position in all the solutions.The changes give the users more choice in the ways they use energy. This distinctive approach matches the ambitions of Amsterdam Smart City and Grenoble Eco-Cité. Together they want to create two of the largest Smart Energy labs in Europe.

Grenoble is developing a positive energy district by implementing a variety of measures such as sustainable transport, smart parking systems, car sharing and preserving the view of the Alps. The City-zen projects provide a major boost to the energy ambitions. In addition to the existing heat network, a second low temperature loop will be constructed so that the entire heating network can be powered by renewable energy. With a smart system the heat network will be connected to the electricity grid.And in addition, the demand for energy will be lowered by making approximately 500 houses more sustainable.

In Amsterdam, the following projects are being implemented:

1.  Intelligent net
2.  Sustainable heat network
3.  Drinking Water used for cooling of business area
4.  Energy saving by residents
5.  Testing Living Lab
6.  Serious Gaming
7.  Roadmap to City Zero Energy

Both cities are working closely together. In expert meetings and city conferences the cities keep each other informed of the successes and challenges. In March 2014 the five-year European FP7 project City-zen was started. In this project, 23 partners work together on Cities of Zero Energy with an innovation budget of over € 40 million.Half of this amount comes from the European Commission. The total CO2 reduction target is 59,000 tons per year. Half of this reduction takes place in Amsterdam, which is as much as the energy of 3,000 households.

Demo project: Serious Gaming

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Living Lab Nieuw-west

The Living Labs put innovative technology to practice in a test environment.