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The Digital Road Authority - Incident Management

The Digital Road Authority - Incident Management

In cooperation with the Department of Traffic and Infrastructure of the Municipality of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Smart City and the Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI), TrafficLink is developing The Digital Road Authority which will shorten the response time of emergency services.

The response time guideline for ambulances is fifteen minutes, but they often get stuck in traffic. The Digital Road Authority allows ambulances to arrive on time by linking them to traffic control. This makes it for example possible to clear traffic lanes for emergency services, keep bridges closed when emergency services are approaching and provide emergency services with the quickest route, based on real-time traffic information. CWI is developing ‘what if scenario's’, based on models and probability calculations for optimal use of these possibilities.

TrafficLink is currently working on the development of the app, and the connection to the TrafficLink traffic management system which is used by the traffic control of the Municipality of Amsterdam. When the app becomes available, a pilot will be run to test it.

Incident Management is part of the project Dynamic Traffic Management. This project consists of 3 elements, read here everything about the other two projects; Air Quality Jan van Galenstraat and Traffic Flow in IJburg 

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