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IJburg Amsterdam

The Digital Road Authority - IJburg

The Digital Road Authority - Traffic flow IJburg

During rush hours the island of IJburg suffers from reduced accessibility, due to the fact there are only two bridges connecting IJburg to the mainland. This results in traffic jams, making IJburg a less attractive place to live and work. It is therefore important to improve traffic circulation.

The Digital Road Authority, a collaboration of the Department of Traffic and Infrastructure of the Municipality of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Smart City and TrafficLink, facilitates the cooperation between government bodies and private parties. It combines different types of traffic data in order to provide the residents of IJburg with personalised travel advice. Residents receive advice through an app, based on appointments in their phone’s calendar, their destination and the current situation at the traffic lights. The Digital Road Authority is not only in contact with departing travellers, but also with the traffic lights. It divides personal ‘travel slots’ based on current and expected traffic density. In case of (expexted) high traffic density, the Digital Road Authority can also increase the ‘green time’ at the traffic lights to improve traffic circulation.

Currently the app is in development by TrafficLink and the Dutch Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI) is working on the required calculation models for managing the traffic. As soon as the app becomes available, a pilot starts and a small group of inhabitants of IJburg can start testing. In the next phase the app will become available for all inhabitants. The more participants, the greater the effect. 

Improving traffic flow in IJburg is part of the project Dynamic Traffic Management. This project consists of 3 elements, read here everything about the other two projects; Incident Management and Air Quality Jan van Galenstraat .

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