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Jan van Galenstraat Amsterdam

The Digital Road Authority - Air quality

The Digital Road Authority - Air quality Jan van Galenstraat

At the unloading zone of the Food Center Amsterdam in the Jan van Galenstraat, traffic jams occur regularly. Often, all parking spaces at the unloading zone are occupied, causing lorry drivers to keep driving around in the neighbourhood, until parking space becomes available. Reducing this ‘search traffic’ will lead to improved air quality and road safety in the area. 

The Digital Road Authority, a collaboration of the Department of Traffic and Infrastructure of the Municipality of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Smart City and TrafficLink, facilitates the cooperation between government bodies and private parties. It combines different types of traffic data and is able to monitor if there are free spaces available for lorries at the unloading zone. Before they drive off, lorry drivers can request a space at an unloading zone via a website or mobile phone. The Digital Road Authority then provides them through an app with a unique ‘time slot’ and parking space, combined with expected travel time, based on real time traffic information. This enables them to drive directly to the available space, thus reducing CO2- and nitrogen emissions and waiting time. Good news for the neighbourhood and good for the road haulier.

TrafficLink is currently working on the development of the app, and the connection to the TrafficLink traffic management system which is used by the traffic control of the Municipality of Amsterdam. When the app becomes available, a pilot will be started to test it.

Improving the air quality of the Jan van Galenstraat is part of the project Dynamic Traffic Management. This project consists of 3 elements, read here everything about the other two projects; Incident Management and Traffic Flow in IJburg 

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