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Smart Living in Gaasperdam

Gaasperdam is moving towards a process of innovative urban renewal. Bottom-up, using their energy of residents and the qualities already available in the area. Local people’s energy is an available commodity; residents have declared that they are aware of their local environment and want to work towards a better living space for the community.

A package of services is developed with the help of residents, for their benefit, concerning more comfort, high-speed internet, insights in energy consumption and lower energy costs. In short, a modernisation of local people’s living space, without extra costs. 

Cooperation is key in ‘Smart Living in Gaasperdam’. By cooperating, energy is created in several fields of interest:

1. By popular demand: the developent of novel services for residents, together with residents and companies
2. Residents become aware and are taking the director’s seat
3. The area will become more attractive
4. Reduction of CO2
5. The development of new profit models

The project is currently undergoing a feasability study. A consortium has been formed with different partners. They are exploring if and how the proposition can be extended to other partners. Also, the participation process has had its kick-off. 
In the near future, the participating companies will formulate a joint proposal and an action plan. The participation of residents will result in a community, that will function as a sounding board for the project’s many phases. Together with this community, the companies will start developing products and services.

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