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7 schools in Amsterdam

Smart Schools Contest

In the Smart Schools project 6 primary schools on 7 locations compete on energy efficiency program results, comparing performance through an online portal.

Primary schools are an interesting and valuable group. Thousands of children can be reached in educating them about the importance of energy efficiency, taking their experiences with them to relatives and friends.

On March 1st 2011 a competition between schools started to see which school can save the most energy during 10 weeks. Liander provides an online portal to 6 schools on 7 locations with which they can compare energy saving performance and share tips and tricks. The competition will be rolled out based on Liander's fun and educational 'de Bliksems' (the Lightnings) program, specifically upgraded to include the portal for this project. A kick-off took place during which a toolkit was handed out. The toolkit consists of lessons on energy and energy-saving assignments. The lessons and assignments vary among groups and differ in levels. The assignments will have an effect on the energy use, which can be monitored on the portal. The score can be viewed on the portal and can be compared with other schools. The school that on average saves the most energy wins the competition and receives a large party with a mini fair for the children on the playground.