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Wildemanbuurt, Nieuw-West

Beautiful, Smart, Sustainable Wildeman

In the Wildeman area, we want to transform the current neighbourhood into a beautiful, smart and sustainable one. We aim to do so with the help of the residents, who are the true experts on their environment. The goal of the workshops is to find neighbourhood jewels: smart solutions to improve the social and environmental quality of the area.

The participants work in theme groups, finding out for their area what is edible, what is good quality of life and what is achievable in their area.

The workshops have started: the participants have made a special map of the neighbourhood which includes places that are special to them. These locations may have special memories attached, they may be unpleasant, or they may have great potential.  

With the use of these locations and based on the participants’ personal interests, the participants will form theme groups. The teams will have brainstorm sessions to find the neighborhood jewels. Once these are found, the teams will start working on realizing their ideas. To accomplish this projects, they can receive help from one of the parners; Amsterdam Smart City, Liander and the Beach, a design agency that focuses specifically on social innovation. 

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