Smart Mobility


Smart Parking / Crowdsourcing / Sharing / Community Approach


CO2 Reduction / Increase effectivenes / Transparent information.


Several location in Amsterdam

Smart Parking

Parking your car in big cities is becoming more and more difficult. Many drivers spend on average 20 minutes per time while looking for a parking spot. This increases CO2 emissions and most important of all; people waste their time. Mobypark, a sharing parking platform, will make parking easier and more efficient.

Private parking lots, public parking garages, hotels, and hospitals: they make their unoccupied parking spots available for drivers through Mobypark. Mobypark offers all the available places on a platform where it's possible to see real time availability and book these parking spots ahead. As a result, drivers spend less time searching for a single spot and reduce CO2 emissions. Mobypark, in her turn, ensures that you can easily rent a parking place for several days of a private individual, hotel or another institution.

From now on you can book your parking space, check the real-time availability and save up to 70% on your parking costs thanks to Mobypark. The service of Mobypark consists of a website and an app (Android and iOS).

Mobypark offers parking opportunities in more than twelve cities in the Netherlands (2014) and makes it possible in more than five countries to share your parking space and to rent your parking places for a short or long term.

Mobypark aims to, among others in collaboration with Amsterdam Smart City, enlarge the amount of parking places and partner up with different with public and private organizations.

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