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Energy storage for households

Sustainable Energy
Applying durable energy sources such as wind- or solar energy is of significant importance in the transformation to a more sustainable energy supply. The unpredictable nature of these renewable energy sources however, is a big disadvantage. Given the fact that electricity is a commodity that needs to be consumed and produced simultaneously, an increasing discrepancy between supply and demand emerges. This results in energy infrastructure that is increasingly more difficult to stabilize and requires significant reserves in energy capacity to guarantee an uninterrupted supply of power.

The project consists of the development of technology to generate and store energy on a micro level as well as the distribution of power between producers, consumers and distributors on one side, while on the other side, research is being done on the development of business models for sustainable energy production. The goal is to make investments more attractive by achieving a higher ROI. This will all lead to a reduced energy price for the residents in local neighborhoods.

The project "Energy storage for households" aspires to store renewable energy at the site of the end user, resulting in an optimal stabilization of the energy infrastructure. By effectuating a high degree of autonomy in dedicated parts of Nieuw-West, we strive to achieve this goal.

Early in 2014, the first batteries will be placed in a few selected households while the full-scale deployment will take place during a few years in project “City-zen”, starting in 2014.

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