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Smart Challenge

Eleven companies compete in the Smart Challenge where the Wattcher gives employees insight in energy consumption. The winner of the contest will be the company whose employees save the biggest amount of energy!

The Smart Challenge is set up for the employees of 11 different companies in Amsterdam. The competition involves giving 30 employees of each organization a two-month opportunity to use the Wattcher. The use of the tool gives the user insight in his energy consumption patterns and thereby enables him to start saving energy. The winner of the contest will be the company whose employees save the largest amount of energy!

Sustainability and energy saving are themes that play an increasingly integral role in businesses. Employees are now able to not only use energy smartly and more efficiently in the office, but also at home. A year ago, technical service company Imtech launched an energy saving program named ICARUS® for its staff in light of its CSR policy. ICARUS explicitly targets the reduction of domestic energy use by its staff and awareness of domestic energy consumption. This is done by measuring electricity use and displaying it in a simple way and by making information on efficient energy use available through information exchange among staff, and by communicating the results of the energy saving actions internally and externally. An evaluation of the program, as used by 300 Imtech employees, revealed that ICARUS has yielded average domestic energy savings of 14%!

Imtech was delighted to learn of Amsterdam Smart City's plan to expand this concept to a number of companies and municipal organizations: 11 companies, three competition rounds and 10 employees per company would result a competition between 11 companies and 330 employees! The Smart Challenge thereby has major energy saving potential. In addition, it will also generate greater awareness among the participating companies' employees, which will in turn be consolidated through the mutual exchange of experiences and tips. Imtech sponsors the competition by providing for the Wattchers, the smart devices that enable the participants to monitor their energy use and is responsible for the project management.

The purpose of the energy saving competition is to give 330 employees of 11 companies insight in their energy use and thereby to help them save energy over a period of six months. The fact that the employees are able to share their experiences and tips via a weblog will make them more aware of their energy use and will also increase mutual interaction between the employees. In addition, surveys of the behavioural changes of the participants will also provide insight into how effective this kind of competition is in terms of engaging employees in energy saving initiatives. The project will be executed in a carbon neutral way: the estimated CO2 emissions needed for the organisation of the project and the winning household will be compensated.