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Akersluis 10, Amsterdam (Nieuw-West)

Sloten Windmill

The Sloten Windmill has been put into use as a meeting place for Amsterdam Smart City in Nieuw-West. Over the coming period, ASC intends to launch a number of smart initiatives for the district and enter into collaboration with its residents. On 26 June 2013, the district council of Nieuw-West passed a motion to develop the Sloten Windmill as a public centre for sustainability – developing projects such as City-Zen. As a result, the Sloten Windmill will become a central information point and reception location where we can work with our partners to develop and realise various sustainable initiatives. Crucially for the windmill itself, a generator and heat pump will be installed to ensure that the structure can become completely energy self-sufficient.

Expo at Molen van Sloten
Together with our partners, an expo was installed in the Windmill of Sloten. In this expo, smart technologies are shown. The goal is that citizens of Nieuw-West and other interested people can come here to experience how these technologies work and what they look like. This way we hope that some citizens in Nieuw-West are triggered to participate in one of the ASC projects. We would like to thank our partners for their contribution, namely BeNext, Mastervolt, KPN, DRO, MPARE, Alliander, Quby, Plugwise en Watch-E.

Innovation hotspot
The Sloten Windmill is a charitable foundation and relies on an enthusiastic team of 80 volunteers (aged between 23 and 95). They work to maintain the original polder mill and its adjoining Coopery Museum (Kuiperijmuseum). As of 22 July, the mill has a third function as an innovation hotspot for smart initiatives in the area. The solar panels on the roof of the museum are a fine example of one such residents’ initiative. To kick things off, ASC will be on location at the windmill one day per week to answer all questions from local residents. If you have suggestions for smart initiatives or other ideas that you believe could benefit the local community and be developed further from this meeting point, please let us know by emailing

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