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Herengracht 256e, Amsterdam

The smart home

The smart home, an initiative of BeNext, aims to achieve automated and sustainable living with domotics. BeNext has created the first intelligent home of Amsterdam, with the demohouse at Herengracht. 

In the Demohouse more than 60 domotics products control the house in the areas of Climate, Control, Energy, Safety and Security. With the heart of the system, the gateway, all electrical appliances can be controlled and the temperature in every room can be regulated. The Demohouse is fully protected, from security cameras to automatic door locks. In addition, the gateway offers insights in electricity, gas and water consumption in the house. Al the products can be controlled from anywhere in the world, the only thing you need is an internet connection and a PC/smartphone/tablet.

The Demohouse  already saves €63 a month on its energy, gas and water bill. These savings are not only achieved by intelligent switching and controlling electrical appliances, but also by the insights of the consumption. And the halogen lights where replaced with LED lights to save energy.

Next steps
The First real smart home in Amsterdam is a fact. However, it is difficult to provide products in all segments of intelligent home, as one organization. That's why BeNext is constantly looking for partnerships to make the house even more complete and intelligent. BeNext has aspirations to make every home into an intelligent home, to achieve an environmentally conscious and sustainable city with social control.

Lifestyle experience
Have a look at iHome in a Lifestyle Experience broadcast on smart homes (Dutch only).