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innovative energy contract / reduction / production / flexibility


new contract that aims to save energy / stimulate the local production of renewables / reduce energy costs substantially


Gemeente Zaanstad

E-harbours - Zaanstad

E- harbours - Innovative Energy Contract Zaanstad

The Municipality of Zaanstad has negotiated a new energy contract, that saves energy, stimulates  the local production of renewables, and reduces energy costs substantially. The young energy company GreenChoice was selected as a contract partner for the coming years. The contract stipulates that the energy consumption of the Municipality will be reduced a full 15 % in the first two years. Greenchoice profits when a further reduction is realised, an innovative element in the contract that gives the energy company a clear interest in energy savings. The company will also assist Zaanstad in the smart management of energy production and consumption.

Zaanstad is both a consumer and a producer of energy. Part of the renewable energy production of the municipality can be marketed locally. The flexibility that Zaanstad can offer to the electricity grid is also a marketable commodity. A smart energy system currently in development aims to support the energy management of the municipality. In negotiating this remarkable contract, the Municipality has benefited significantly from the knowledge gained in the e-harbours project.

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