Smart Areas


Integrated area development / Energy / Mobility / Stakeholdermanagement


Downsizing ecological footprint of the area / Adding (economic) value


Amsterdam Zuidoost

Energetic Zuidoost

Energetic Zuidoost connect projects to reduce CO2-emissions in the area between roughly Amsterdam ArenA and the University of Amsterdam AMC Medical Center. Energetic Zuidoost is part of the European Union’s TRANSFORM program. In the Zuidoost area, big steps can be taken to conserve and produce energy. The specific public space also presents opportunities to broadcast the Smart message to a substantial audience, considering the large amount of daily commuters, shoppers and employees crisscrossing the area. The empty offices, the datacenters, the large hospital and the many flat roofed buildings in the vicinity can be developed into a proper ‘energy factory’, an energy producing landscape.

Results so far
Several stakeholders acted to form a leading committee. Through service design thinking workshops, ideas were colligated and discussed. Energetic Zuidoost points interested parties to where, when and how opportunities will present themselves. Energetic Zuidoost functions as the coordinating partner that connects interested parties and transforms ideas to applicable proposals.

The European Union program TRANSFORM began in November 2012. Through TRANSFORM, cities connect and exchange information about Smart programs targeting CO2-emissions. In the Zuidoost area, several programs are currently underway: among them a large proposal to re-use the warmth generated by a datacenter. Another program focusses on LED light technology, and, in the near future, AMC Medical Center may place solar panels on its roofs.


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Living Lab Zuidoost

The Living Labs put innovative technology to practice in a test environment.