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A free zone for energy related projects in Amsterdam South-East


Amsterdam South-East

Laws and regulations in Zuidoost

Amsterdam Smart City stands for Urban Living Labs in the Metropole region. It is important for these living labs that regulation does not limit innovation. Therefore Amsterdam Smart City puts effort in realizing  a freezone for sustainability; a district in Amsterdam where innovation can really be tested, with the smallest limitations by rules and regulations.

Technology changes fast, sometimes faster than the context it operates in. When carrying out innovative projects, laws and regulation can therefore in some cases limit the progress of the project. For example, regulation on solar energy net-metering limit the possibilities for home owners to invest in solar panels. This is why the municipality of Amsterdam is investigating the possibility  in cooperation with Amsterdam Smart City and the ‘Centrum voor Energievraagstukken’ to develop a freezone for sustainability in Amsterdam South-East.

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