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Creating test environments at care institutions where ICT solutions are introduced


3 locations Amsterdam, Almere, Naarderheem


Health-Lab is a 2,5 year project in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. It aims to establish an environment which supports the creation and implementation of innovative care technologies. The program focuses on increased care efficiency, resulting in greater end-user independence. In Health-Lab care professionals, scientists and entrepreneurs work closely together with end-users in seeking solutions. The potential of  ICT based technologies plays an important role.

To support and stimulate Digital Health developments in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area  the project is set up around three pillars:

  • Creating a platform where all those involved can meet, discuss and share developments in and implementation of new solutions in care.
  • Support and stimulate the set-up of several living lab locations where new solutions can be tested and improved, together with users.
  • The creation of new curricula focussing on the implementation of these solutions in educational settings.

Because health-care is a person to person process, involvement of the real users in the process is fundamental. Health-Lab has set up several “Living Labs”, where real users test out solutions in their daily life and help designers and developers to improve their solutions. These users are the elderly, but also the professionals and informal carers.

Therefore, innovation in care needs the cooperation of many different organizations. Companies are needed to produce technologies and service the market. Education institutions need to incorporate the use of technology in their curricula. Care institutions will have to adapt to new possibilities; this often leads to a hybrid care between care in private homes and care in institutions. Government will have to play their role in terms of regulations and stimulation. This is why Health-Lab is a cooperation of the care institutions in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, the local universities, the government and several companies. Check for more information.

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