Smart Living


improve the quality of housing / affordable energy costs / raise energy consciousness and stimulate energy saving / neighbourhood-level approach


Realise large-scale energy savings in existing houses


Several location in Haarlem

Watt for Watt

Haarlem wants to become climate neutral by 2030. In order to achieve this goal, a large number of existing houses need to be made more energy efficient. The Haarlem ‘Blok voor Blok’ project contributes to this aim under the name of Watt for Watt.

The Watt for Watt campaign supports neighbourhood initiatives to make wide-scale housing improvements. The campaign also helps Haarlem residents to save energy at home. Watt for Watt shows how energy usage can be structurally reduced in an identifiable, simple and enjoyable way. This is financially advantageous, improves general living comfort and also benefits the climate. Watt for Watt wages war on energy bills!