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WEGO Car sharing

WeGo is an online peer-to-peer car sharing platform that allows non-car owners to rent cars from car owners in their neighborhood. As oppose to other peer-to-peer car sharing platforms worldwide, WeGo is the only party that developed an app for owners and drivers to manage their reservations and open and close the car. Recently WeGo also launched a business platform for companies that want to save cost and invest in sustainable mobility.

WeGo enables this car-sharing model by providing the platform, insurance and technology to make every transaction safe, convenient and easy. WeGo works by exploiting the overcapacity in the private car market to provide a range of affordable vehicle access to non-vehicle owners, and benefits vehicles owners by lowering their cost of vehicle ownership and helping them generate extra revenue.

The WeGo app is suitable for owners, drivers and businesses. Peer-to-Peer members can use the app for setting availability, make and manage reservations, find cars in their neighborhood and open en close the car. Other peer-to-peer car sharing parties work with swipe cards or the hand-to-hand model, which means that drivers dependent on the availability of owners to be able to rent their cars. Through the WeGo app, members can rent cars 27/4. 

Businesses receive a customized app with similar functionality's. Through the WeGo App employees can see where a company vehicle is located and whether it is available. Online, they make a reservation. The App provides in all necessary car information and enables the employee to open and close it. Through WeGo’s technology, companies can see exactly who is driving where and in what company vehicle. The driven kilometers are administrated automatically. With the WeGo technology and software, it is possible to monitor and facilitate company vehicles 24/7. All company vehicles can be used more efficiently and this results directly in saving costs for a company.

WeGo is an example of a new development in the field of sustainable mobility and corporate social responsibility. WeGo is a brand that offers benefits to consumers, businesses, society and the environment.


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