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Facilitating the transition to renewable energy sources. Facilitating the increased demand for electricity as a result of growing deployment of e-cars and heat pumps without massive investments in the grid


Amsterdam New West

City-zen - Smart Grid

The Amsterdam New West district contains approximately 40.000 households, of which around 10.000 are served by Alliander’s new Smart Grid. New West has a high penetration of smart meters and contains the largest amount of solar panels in Amsterdam. To align current developments and further ambitions in the field of sustainable power supply in New West, this district has been chosen for the construction of the first smart grid in the Netherlands.

This intelligent electricity network (Smart Grid) contains additional computers and sensors placed in the grid. As such current and voltage are monitored continuously to provide more accurate monitoring and control functions. In the past these functions weren’t available at this level. The Smart Grid provides us with better and cheaper options to facilitate the energy transition and latest developments.  Consumer benefits:
- Reduction of the number and duration of power outages
- Better opportunity to feed consumer-produced electricity back to the grid
- Increased capability to support the integration of electric-powered vehicles
- Prevention of large price increases for electricity transmission
-Enablement of active participation in a sustainable energy supply

This grid is intelligent because it is equipped with computer and sensor technology at key nodes. Liander can therefore operate the medium voltage grid completely remotely, something that was not previously possible. In addition, the existing network power has been increased in key areas and the network structure has been improved. In the future, slumbering power outages are visible in the smart grid and can therefore be prevented. This network is eventually cheaper because targeted maintenance can be committed, the number of power failures decreases and the grid power will not have to be increased for a long time.

Next Steps
This grid enables the development and application of sustainable innovations in the New West district to determine how energy can be saved both now and in the future. Various companies are being brought together to investigate end test the use of various technologies, products and services in this neighborhood. Participating companies focus amongst others on innovations in the field of e-mobility, large scale generation of solar power by consumers and discharge to the grid, small scale balancing of demand, vehicle to grid etc.

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