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Energy Management Haarlem

Liander, in colloboration with Plugwise, has made it possible for 250 customers in the Haarlem region to test an energy management system free of charge for four months. The system enables the user to gain insight into energy consumption of each connected appliance on the applicable wall plug. Not only does the accompanying software make possible online monitoring of energy use, but it also enables the user to switch the appliances on and off automatically. The system gives the customer more insight into his or her energy consumption, which makes it easier to cut back on energy bills.

This test, conducted amongst 250 customers, forms part of a bigger project on energy management systems. The objective of the project is to research and determine the most effective proposition for energy management systems. This will be done by conducting pilot projects using smart wall plugs in different locations, including Haarlem.

Based on 4 questionnaires, the main reason for households to participate in the project was to save on energy costs. Participants can be categorized as "innovators" and "early adaptors". Of participants, 25% made use of the switch option and the online portal was checked every 2 to 3 days on average.

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