Smart Economy


Research/ knowledge development/ knowledge sharing / collaboration/ education/ practical assignments


The research lab serves as a learning center for practice and education in the field of smart city and governance


Wibauthuis (Wibautstraat 3b) and Leeuwenburg (Weesperzijde 190), Amsterdam

Smart Entrepreneurial Lab

Researchers and students from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences do practical research on suitable business models and advise organizations in setting-up, replicating and scaling up a smart city project. The lab serves as a learning center and provides a clear point of contact for education, research and industry.

With the Smart Entrepreneurial Lab the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences wants to focus on:

1.The urban innovation ecosystem. How do cities manage urban innovation? What tools, instruments, platforms and models are in place to connect and involve stakeholders, and how do they work? How are different smart city projects and initiatives connected and integrated? What is the vision and strategy? What can cities learn from each other? What new competences are needed on the level of city management?

2.Smart city projects. How to set up and manage projects in which different stakeholders collaborate to get results? How to develop urban solutions as business cases that can run without government subsidies? How can pilot projects effectively be scaled up, replicated or mainstreamed?

3.Entrepreneurship. How can startups actively contribute to urban solutions? How can smart city projects generate new business opportunities for entrepreneurs?

Smart city research projects are incorporated in this lab, part of the AUAS’ Entrepreneurship Program. It is a collaboration between two faculties of this university; Business and Economics and Technology.

Together with partner Amsterdam Smart City we aim to contribute to a smart city where urban stakeholders learn to innovate together, co-creating solutions that enhance urban quality of life and generate new business opportunities.