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Municipal Buildings in Amsterdam

Municipal Buildings

The Amsterdam municipality aspires to be a CO2-neutral organisation by 2025. To that end, the municipality is deploying a range of activities and has already started a number of good initiatives in the field of energy saving. The energy monitor is the first step on the way to energy savings; create awareness on the actual energy use.

The first step towards making the municipal organisation energy-neutral is to offer insight into and to monitor energy usages in the municipal buildings and locations. This provides a base-line measurement for all further savings in the future. In order to become aware of its energy use, the municipal organisation installed smart meters on its connections through a priority process with the grid company. The energy use of connections with a smart meter will be displayed in the energy monitor. Once aware of the energy use, targeted saving proposals can be made, for example a better adjustment of the heating system to office hours. Currently the energy monitor displays the energy use of more than 600 connections of the municipal organisation.

The municipal organisation has a goal to save 600.000 euro per year on the energy bill. Savings are not only made through energy savings, but also administrative savings contribute, such as lowering the contracted values, and a better check on our energy invoices through a digital invoice module in our energy monitor.

Energy management can be done to save extra energy. With energy management an energy specialist will look closely at the building and find ways to save extra energy. Next to that there is the possibility of renewable energy sources, like solar and wind energy to achieve CO2 neutrality.

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