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Sustainability / Health


Westerdok 780, 1013 BV, Amsterdam

Finch Buildings

Finch Buildings makes healthy, sustainable real estate that is as flexible as Lego. We develop and build massive-timber modular buildings, which can be adapted to surroundings and circumstances. From student housing to hotels and from care to holiday homes. The modular system enables us to construct different kinds of buildings all based on one particular circular module. The three main unique selling points are: extreme sustainability, un-compromised health for its users and endless flexibility. We’re producing our first modules and are ready to scale up production.

Come visit our prototype in The Valley in Hoofddorp - the circular hotspot in Schiphol Trade Park - from the Delta Development Group and learn more about this innovative area and Finch Buildings.

Besides the prototype our next project is coming up, called “Arrival Place” it’s located next to Amsterdam Lelylaan. Finch Buildings collaborates with Urban Space Agency, the initiator of this project.

On the site arises a sustainable temporarily village. A former NS-train will be transformed into a restaurant/bar with a large terrace. Shipping containers will be placed on the north side of the plot to provide space for shops and streetfood sellers. On top of these shops we built 12 Finch modules, consisting of 10 student houses and a Finch Buildings show house.

On the south side of the plot another 20 student houses will be build. Urban Space Agency signed a lease agreement for the land with the city of Amsterdam. Mid-January our first Finch Building will be completed.

Arrival Place is a meeting place for local residents, entrepeneurs, travelers and commuters. Good food & drinks and there's always something going on. Additionally, it is a showcase for sustainability and the 'new living' . Living in a circular, healthy and flexible building equipped with the latest durable innovations.

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Visit: Finch Buildings prototype in The Valley at Schiphol Trade Park

Coming up: Finch Buildings in Arrival Place at Lelylaan Station in Amsterdam New-West

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