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Australiëhavenweg 21, 1045 BA, Amsterdam

Waste and Energy Company

The City of Amsterdam’s Waste and Energy Company (AEB Amsterdam, or AEB) has almost 400 employees, who are committed to collecting and processing waste, generating energy and recovering materials for recycling every day.

AEB converts 99% of its waste supply into energy and raw materials. It is our way of contributing to a clean city and turning Amsterdam into a sustainable metropolis. Amsterdam's City Hall, trams, underground trains and street lights all use green electricity supplied by AEB.

We generate sufficient energy to meet the electricity needs of 285,000 households, i.e. 75% of all households in Amsterdam. AEB also uses the heat generated during waste incineration to provide 15,500 households with heating and hot water.

Getting a maximum return on waste has been our company’s guiding mission since its foundation. The objective is to recover the greatest possible amount of useful resources from waste in a clean and responsible way: electricity, heat, valuable metals and raw materials for the construction and industrial sectors.

This has been possible since the waste to energy plant became operational in 1993. The heat produced by waste incineration is used to generate electricity and for home and business heating. Ten years later, the City of Amsterdam approved the construction of a second waste to energy plant, the Waste Fired Power Plant. A plant of this type offers not only higher energy efficiency but can also recover significantly higher quantities of materials than conventional plants.

AEB processes waste from Amsterdam and nineteen surrounding municipalities and companies. Recoverable waste enters the recycling cycle through the Waste points, the Hazardous Waste Depot and the Regional Sorting Centre, all of which are part of the AEB organization. Residual waste that cannot be reused immediately is converted into energy through incineration.

AEB is an independent organization with objectives that serve society as a whole. Our goal is to work efficiently and transparently with a view to producing maximum benefit both to society, the environment and our stakeholders. Part of the profit is reinvested to enable waste to be processed even more sustainably and efficiently with the highest possible yield.

AEB consists of four business units:

  • The waste-to-energy plants that incinerate the domestic waste: the Waste-to-Energy Plant and the Waste Fired Power Plant.
  • The Hazardous Waste Depot, where chemical waste (for example, batteries, solvents, fluorescent lamps etc.) is collected and processed.
  • The Regional Sorting Station Amsterdam, which collects used electrical and electronic equipment.
  • Waste points located at various places in the city, where local residents can deposit bulk waste.

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