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Self-sufficiency carbon-neutral / Floating house / Sustainable meeting venue


Unique, small, sustainable meeting place for inspiring meetings for companies, organisations and NGOs / Comfort and luxury hand in hand with self-sufficient housing / Inspire and connect, actively bringing together sustainable parties for new initiatives


NDSM-plein 104, 1033 WB, Amsterdam

geWoonboot, sustainable houseboat venue for meetings and training courses

The geWoonboot was built in 2007 by the DeltaWonen housing corporation, as a prototype of a self-sufficient floating home. In the Netherlands, as a water-rich country and with a view to climate change, the houseboat is a beautiful example of the possibilities in sustainable living at the time it was built. The houseboat moved to the NDSM-wharf in 2008, as part of Paulien Westendorps’ energy exhibition Opgewekt.NU (Generated.NOW). When this exhibition came to an end, Joan Kramer and Jan Huisman decided to buy the geWoonboot. They made a conscious decision to retain its public function. Situated on the creative NDSM wharf, it is currently an inspiring meeting place for all kinds of organisations and companies. In addition, Jan and Joan are happy to tell visitors about the unique and sustainable features of the boat, inspiring them with and informing them about the possibilities of sustainable living.

Floating garden

The water used to flush the toilet is rainwater filtered by the moss sedum bed on the roof. The sewage is transported to a helophyte filter system and a floating bamboo and reed garden at the back of the boat. Once purified, the water is pumped back into the boat.

River water heating

Solar panels provide the boat with electricity and a solar boiler heats it. In addition, a heat exchanger takes warmth from the surface water of the river IJ.

NDSM Duurzaam In Actie! (NDSM Sustainability in Action)

The geWoonboot also initiated a sustainability campaign group for the NDSM wharf, in cooperation with the NDSM Wharf Foundation. In 2015, four meetings were held with festival organisations, with the collective goal of turning the NDSM area into an environmentally-friendly event location.

Marjan de Blok became inspired when she filmed a report on the self-sustainable geWoonboot for television. As a result, she set up Schoonschip, a sustainable houseboat neighbourhood which will be realised in the Johan van Hasselt canal in North Amsterdam’s Buiksloterham area. Thirty houseboats will form a self-sufficient community, sharing drinking water as well as water purification, electricity and food facilities.

Next steps

Schoonschip. Important preliminary research and feasibility studies have already been carried out, with positive results. The actual creation of the houseboat neighbourhood is due to begin in 2016.

The geWoonboot. The geWoonboot has assisted and initiated ground-breaking and innovative projects for many years. At the time it was built, use was made of the most sustainable materials and systems. Fortunately sustainable innovations are developing rapidly and the owners are now making plans to build a new updated version – the geWoonboot 2.0. The following concepts are key factors: sustainable meeting venue, green hub, cradle-to-cradle materials, self-sufficiency, low-tech systems, ability to scale up projects and visibility at this inspiring location.

NDSM Duurzaam in Actie! (NDSM Sustainability in Action!) The geWoonboot wants to help the NDSM area develop sustainably. In addition to the festivals, it hopes to get the local companies and entrepreneurs on board.


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Visitor information

We give tours at weekends and in the evenings showing you the sustainable systems on the geWoonboot (duration 1 hour). 

After the tour, you can dine on board (evening) or eat lunch (weekend). 

The excursion ends with a guided tour around the inspiring NDSM Wharf, in which you will learn about the history of the former shipyard and its development into Europe’s largest creative incubator (duration 1 hour). 

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