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Metropolitan Region Amsterdam on clean energy


Pampuslaan 1 1087 HP Amsterdam

Oosterlicht, project of Zuiderlicht

Citizens, offices and organizations within the metropolis Amsterdam live and work on clean energy. That is the long term aim of Zuiderlicht. We start on a smaller scale, in our own neighbourhoods.

Two active members of the Amsterdam based energy cooperation Zuiderlicht, both living on IJburg, have initiated a solar project on their ‘own’ school. Under the wings – and using the expertise and network - of Zuiderlicht the project has been financed, endorsed and realized.

Together with the Amsterdam Investment Fund, members of Zuiderlicht cooperatively finance the project with loans of 250 euro’s each. They receive around 2% - 5% interest in return, over a period of 10 years, when the loans will be returned.

With its 480 solar panels the roof of the IJburg College is the largest cooperatively organised solar roof in Amsterdam. It is providing around 15% of the total electricity need of the school. A webcam and digital boards show the students the panels and the amounts of harvested sun power. Teachers will integrate the how much, how and why questions of the solar system in their lessons. 

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