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Sustainable Amsterdam is about discovering what makes Amsterdam a livable, healthy city. Our tours and study programs cover topics ranging from water, energy, and waste management, to affordable housing, local food solutions, social enterprises and green start-ups.

You can choose a basic introductory tour or a specialized tour tailored to your specific interests. For international groups, we can make your visit comfortable and sustainable by arranging your trip from A to Z, including accommodations, transport and other logistics. For those interested in exploring sustainability beyond Amsterdam, we can develop extended itineraries to other parts of the Netherlands.

As we expose innovations and best practices from Amsterdam, we think critically if and how they could be applied in other contexts. Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic team is also available for speaking and workshop engagements. No matter your sustainability-related interests or needs, we will share information and inspiration. So schedule a tour or ask us to recommend sustainable accommodations, dining and places of interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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