Smart Society


Opinion building / Collaborative discussion / Civic engagement / Creating impact


Civocracy recreates a sense of community and empowers people to create impact




The goal of Civocracy is to involve citizens in political and social issues. We have developed a reliable online platform (see, which enables effective, constructive discussion and shared decision-making between stakeholders (citizens, businesses, organizations, governments) and encourages active citizen engagement.

Civocracy makes it easy for citizens to learn more about an issue and to express their views. Civocracy shows the best arguments and relevant news, and also gives an overview of all the ways you can be actively involved, such as attending a town hall meeting or signing up as a volunteer. This way, the connection is made between online and offline engagement. Civocracy also creates impact by inviting all key stakeholders to contribute to the discussion. This leads to relevant high-quality comments.

We are collaborating with several partners in Europe. We have tested a first version of our platform and got promising traction. Our team has grown and now exists of six passionate people with relevant expertise.

We are continually improving our platform in order to achieve our vision: create the first civic network hub.