Smart Society


Data / Uniting vision, skill and expertise


Data can lead to new connections and insights, which means that it will become easier to make our environment healthier and cleaner.


Sint Antoniesbreestraat 69 1011 HB Amsterdam

Amsterdam Smart Citizens Lab

In the Smart Citizens Lab we will explore tools and applications to map the world around us. Along with citizens, scientists, and designers, we deal with themes ranging from air quality to the conditions of bathing water to noise pollution.

When is the best time to take a swim in the canals? Which route is the healthiest to take to work? And what’s the real level of noise pollution in your neighbourhood? These are all examples of questions that could be answered in the Smart Citizens Lab. In each session, we will invite experts to tell us more about the possibilities, impact, and relevance of citizens who take the measurement of local, environmental data into their own hands.