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80 % CO2 emmision reduction / Comfortable living


The neighborhoud under construction Houthaven, the area surrounded by Haparandaweg, Pontsteiger, Spaarndammerdijk/Tasmanstraat and IJ (Houthaven)

District heating and comfort cooling for Houthaven quarter

Houthaven is a 100% climate neutral district under construction. For the climate control in livings, the Houthaven chose for the combination of city heat and comfort cooling from surface water. The entire energy demand in the Houthaven is being generated sustainable. To achieve this, they build on the principle of the ‘trias energetica’: this leads to a promising package of energy saving and sustainability measures. The livings will get a sustainable casco, and for the heating the Houthaven will be connected to the city-heating network. This way the district ensures that every house saves 80 percent on CO2-emission in comparison to the situation with a boiler and airco. The heat that is being used in this case, releases by the generation of electricity from waste incineration from the Afval Energie Bedrijf (AEB). Besides city heat Westpoort Warmte offers also sustainable cooling. The cold warmth is being withdrawn to the Ij water and partly saved in the soil as a buffer during warm summer days. It’s the first time that city heat and sustainable cooling on such a large scale in a district is being applied. 

The cold plant is operational and the cold distribution network is in place. The first building in the district, an elementary school, is connected to the cold network and the first reactions are promising. In 2015 the first dwellings in the Houthaven district will be delivered.

Up to 300 dwellings will be connected yearly, until the Houthaven district is completed in 2021, with 2000 dwellings in total. The cold and heat grid will be developed in tandem.

Images: Projectbureau Houthaven