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Amsterdam Rainproof

Amsterdam Rainproof is a platform that activates and stimulates different stakeholders to improve watermanagement in Amsterdam. Are main goal is to collect water out of rain and make better use of it.

The still growing density of the city of Amsterdam in combination with the climate change makes the city vulnerable for the consequences of heavy rainfall. Citizens, companies, institutions and the municipality have to find an innovative way to deal with this natural water.

Waternet took the initiative to start the program Amsterdam Rainproof. The main goals of the program are to create more awareness and knowledge of the consequences, add value to rainwater, avoid damage through heavy rainfall and to handle heavy rainfall as a mainstream in our daily lifes.

Amsterdam Rainproof wants to activate, connect, and stimulate the following groups; citizens, city builders, officials, entrepreneurs and housing corporations. The strategy is to build and create an influental, broad, sustainable Rainproof platform. This platform has to become mature enough to guarantee continuity and keep improving and spreading the thoughts behind Amsterdam Rainproof.

To achieve functionality and effectiveness, Amsterdam Rainproof works with groups that can make a difference; it connects to closely related initiatives and current projects to achieve a quick and embedded result; focus on frontrunners and ambassadors; and facilitate the program instead of implement it by themselves.

Rainproof wants to connect citizens, companies, knowledge institutions and the municipality with current projects and new initiatives. It’s a network approach that uses small local investments and changes to generate extensive revenues. To make Amsterdam Rainproof a succes for the entire city it is important that all the essential stakeholders are willing to participate and contribute actively. Waternet started the Rainproof program. But everybody can help to make the city of Amsterdam Rainproof. The programs fits perfect to the 800 year old tradition of the responsible capital of the Netherlands. In the future we like to have a nice live able city with dry feet in Amsterdam!