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Gustav Mahlerplein Amsterdam


By applying Smart Building technology, even a modern building like the ITO Tower can greatly reduce its energy use.

Large office buildings are large energy consumers. Better coordination of systems and automatic adjusting of energy users will save a lot of energy, even in a modern office building like the ITO Tower. By applying Smart Building technologies we can prove that more energy can also be saved in buildings that are already sustainable.

The ITO Tower project focused on sustainable accommodation for companies. The project tested which technologies, cooperative agreements and approaches are the most successful to make office buildings more sustainable on a large scale. The ITO tower houses multiple companies within a total of 38,000 m2 of office space.

Smart Building
The Smart Building concept is meant to minimise energy consumption without having a negative influence on the functional and living comforts provided by the building. Based on a detailed data analysis of energy use in the building, electrical systems can be operated more effectively. In addition, new and more sustainable systems are installed, including sensors that can register energy use and ensure lighting, heating, cooling and security systems in the building are operated as energy efficiently as possible.

Accenture implemented a number of activities over a period of 18 months, including extensive consultations with the building manager and owners about the implementation of a variety of suitable sustainable measures. In cooperation with innovative technology provider Plugwise 360 smart plugs, including switching schemes, were installed. In addition, with the support of sustainability-consultancy organization Wij Zijn Koel, other sustainable initiatives were implemented: among others LED lighting on the 17th floor and the JoinThePipe initiative.

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