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Several swimming poools in Amsterdam

Swimming pools

Swimming pools are public buildings that consume a great deal of energy. Amsterdam Smart City wishes to work with partners in an effort to find sustainable, energy-efficient solutions to secure maximum cost-efficiency in swimming pool management.

Swimming pools use a great deal of energy. There are a lot of possible solutions for saving energy in the management of swimming pools. The only problem is that it is hard to find the solutions or, alternatively, they are hard to apply.

This project is the launching project of the innovative Heatsavr product, which makes it possible to save between 15 and 30% in energy consumption in swimming pool management very easily. It also has a positive effect on the maintenance costs of a swimming pool. Heatsavr is a very interesting product to start this pilot in several potential partner swimming pools. In addition, several other energy saving measures are being implemented, amongst others LED lighting. A workshop has inspired other swimming pools and gave them insight into the possibilities. The target is also to stimulate knowledge exchange among swimming pools and other partners.

The objective of the project is to help regional swimming pools to save as much energy as possible by bringing them into contact with initiatives with sustainable potential. All positive experiences has been shared with starting swimming pool owners in 2011 through a scale up workshop. In order to inspire other swimming pools and to convince them to get started with the tested sustainable and smart technologies. T