Project partner


Fifthplay is a Belgian high-tech player and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Niko Group. We are the specialist in enriching smart homes and buildings with services for care, comfort and energy.

  • Our activities – Our online platform makes telemonitoring and communication in the healthcare sector truly possible, so that patients can perfectly be well cared for and monitored at home. We also provide people with tools for energy monitoring and savings, and for a more intelligent management of electricity, heating, water and gas.
  • Our ambition - We are investing heavily in the research and development of new technologies that make new forms of services in buildings and homes possible and help people to remain in their own environment more efficiently, longer, more sustainably and with higher quality. For this we are closely working together with utility companies, telecommunication companies and other partners.
  • Our vision – Our customers can use these services at all times, everywhere and via any device that has an internet connection.
  • Our mission – We are the innovative partner who expands the comfort, safety and quality of life for people by bringing technologies and services into their homes.