Project partner


The geWoonboot was built in 2007 by the housing corporation DeltaWonen, as a prototype of a self sufficient floating house. The Netherlands being a water rich country and taking climate change serious, this houseboat is a beautiful example of the possibilities in sustainable living, in that time. The houseboat was moved to the NDSM-wharf in 2008, part of Paulien Westendorps’ energy exposition Opgewekt.NU. When this exposition came to an end, Joan Kramer and Jan Huisman decided to buy the geWoonboot. They consciously chose to maintain the public function. Situated at the creative NDSM-wharf it is now an inspiring meeting location for all kinds of organisations and companies. In addition, Jan and Joan like to tell visitors about the unique and sustainable features of the boat, inspiring them with and informing about the possibilities of sustainable living.