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NxtCity strives to enable young citizens to solve issues of their city in their local community. NxtCity organizes hackathons, where teams of high school students focus for two days on one of the issues of the city. Guided by domain experts and mentors, they will work towards concrete proposals.

A city is a wonderfully complex environment with a diverse set of challenges. With topics ranging from transportation to energy and from education to the environment, there is a need for a generation of creative problem solvers. By involving young citizens early on, we can benefit from their fresh perspective. We furthermore have a chance of triggering their long-lasting engagement and cooperation on the city of tomorrow.


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“NxtCity strives to be an environment where creativty and problem-solving skills are nurtured and stimulated. I strongly believe our schools would benefit from doing so as well”
Sander Latour
“NxtCity empowers youngsters to build the cities of tomorrow. I strongly believe that the fresh perspectives of young citizens can help solve the urban challenges of tomorrow.”
Camiel R Verschoor