Founding partner

Gemeente Amsterdam

To reduce CO2 emit with 40% in 2025 en to provide 30 % of the city need for energy with locally produced sustainable energy. Those are the ambitions of Amsterdam. Together with private trade and industry, social partners and the inhabitants, Amsterdam will achieve these targets.

The municipality’s climate and sustainability ambitions demand new partnership forms, especially in these times of financial austerity. Amsterdam is therefore collaborating with all its partners in the city on a “hands-on” drive to render the existing city sustainable, to transform former industrial estates, to increase the share of sustainable energy production, to promote the large-scale rollout of city heat-cold exchange and the realization of innovative pilots. In that regard, the private investment from KPN and Liander, among others, is linked to the ambition to continue to develop a smart and sustainable city and to realize acceleration and scaling in the greater Amsterdam Metropolitan area.