Event tip: HEYU! Urbans Istanbul with Tuna Kuyucu

During this night of HEYU! Tuna Kuyucu, assistant Professor of Sociology at the Boğaziçi University in Istanbul is invited. His research focuses on changing policies for social housing in Istanbul. Until 2002, the government did not build social housing; people themselves had to find or build their own home. The construction sector, which has close links with the government, provides this now. This happens in the form of huge collections towers that sweep away existing neighborhoods, and residents have no control. Kuyucu is currently working on a book that examines the failure of the current urban renewal in Istanbul.

His co-referent this evening is Joost Lagendijk, a lecturer at the University of Suleyman Shah in Istanbul. From 1998-2009 he was a member of the European Parliament on behalf of GroenLinks. He is co-author of, among others, Send the Muslim Neighbours (2007) and The Turks are coming! (2013), in which he discusses prejudices about Turkey.

HEYU! Urbans Istanbul will take place on 25 May, 8-10 pm in the OBA Theater (Oosterdoksdade 143, 7th floor). Tickets are 10 or 5 euro (with an OBA-card, citycard or student card), you can buy them here. Members of We Are Public have free entrance. The lecture will be in English.

Source: OBA
Picture: HeyU

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