​Amsterdam sports clubs invest in sustainability

This has been announced by the Municipality of Amsterdam. The numbers have been collected in response to sustainability scans from the municipality and the Government subsidy EDS (Energy conservation and sustainable energy sports accommodations). There were 76 clubs that took advantage of the sustainability scan, of a total of 176 outdoor sports clubs in Amsterdam.

At present, the Amsterdam outdoor sports clubs already invested more than € 350.000 in sustainability measures. Following the award of the EDS subsidy another € 620.000 will be invested. This leads to a CO2 reduction of 440 tons per year, states the Municipality of Amsterdam.

Subsidy budget of € 6 million

With the EDS subsidy sports clubs and sport foundations can reduce their energy consumption. To apply for the grant, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency(RVO.nl) released a guide. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency makes a maximum of € 125.000 available every year, with a subsidy budget of € 6 million.

In an earlier stage there were some sports clubs that have taken steps to save energy. For example, the clubhouse of soccer club Arsenal in Amsterdam has 140 solar panels and LED lighting, which reduced the electricity bill by 50 percent.

Source: Duurzaambedrijfsleven
Photo: Duurzaambedrijfsleven  

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